First Production

My first show was ‘Four O’Clock Friday’ in which I played one of two Narrators. I was probably around nine.

Best Bits

I started acting classes at eight years old to gain confidence as a person. It just so happened that from this, I learned to love acting. When I remember the classes, I remember the games we played, the acting exercises we were given and also the friends that I made, friends that were a year or two older than me, which is something that doesn’t happen at school.

Looking back, I realize how important those games and exercises were because they taught me acting techniques that I will still find myself using now. I was always learning while having fun, which in my opinion is the best way.

Where are you now?

I am about to graduate from Guildford School of Acting, with a degree in acting. It took me three years to gain a place at a drama school, which believe me, is a lot of waiting and rejection. Yet the determination paid off and I owe a large amount of that to A Will And A Way.

I remember one day at GSA we played a game that I had learnt while at A Will And A Way, and that proves just how relevant the training was there. Also, there is a lot of support at A Will And A Way and the love of teaching acting is very clear.

I feel very lucky to have had the chance to go there for so many years.