This show was performed by A Will And A Way class of 2015, the amazing set was designed by Nick Sayers. The idea for the show same about during a time of severe austerity in Leigh.

A lot of information was being released based around the panama papers and it was becoming clear that the shadow governments (the elite) were beginning to be exposed. This is an abstract play based around the elite in the form of players around a game of Monopoly.

Credits to the following: (Light and Sound technician) James Mason, (Costume and Makeup) Joanna Booth, Sarah Buckley-Mellor and Elise Williamson, (Stage Management) Joanna Booth, Elise Williamson and Sarah Buckley-Mellor. The exciting thing mostly about this production as it was the birth of Stolen Thread Productions CIC our sister company ( as we took this production on a small regional tour professionally renamed and rewritten by BAFTA nominated Director Paul Brannignan and Will Travis for an adult audience, Monopoleyes.

This was granted Arts Council Funding and was incredibly successful across Greater Manchester (For the adult cast and information please follow the website link above).